Thursday, 26 January 2012

Narrower bars

These came off one of my bicycles. Look good, feel good. Still want clip on's though.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Wide bars

The flipped over and sawn off bars that OM1 wore for Rollerburn didn't really work, it needs clip on's. But meanwhile it has its old trials Renthals back on. They feel everso wide.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Last few photos...

...before rebuilding as trials bike.

Small details

 Silver makers mark.
 Water transfer from Norman Invader, British cycle manufacturer. 1950 ish.
Nice scratches.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Post Rollerburn

Rollerburn is over and done so I've got some time to explain a bit about OM#1.

Van unloaded, bike in the workshop, display in the livingroom and a pile of leaflets, don't know where to put these.

I brought most of these home, they were meant to illustrate the idea and promote OBRAS MOTOS. Maybe they lacked pick up appeal or may be the bike lacked any appeal at all.

This bike build started in 1982, or at least the idea did. A mate had a ty175. Cool bike but never got used properly. In fact I rode it more than he did except I was into road bikes not dirt. But the ty made me think this would make a excellent cafe racer; slim light, just needing clip on's and regearing.

In 2007 I bought a Montesa 348. It was typically knackered for a trials bike and in fact not even a runner by the time I got it home in the van. But with a bit of work it's been running nicely and regularly competing in special events around the garden. We have biggish garden with small area of woodland and some steep slopes, perfect for pointless fun.

When Gary Inman posted on Sideblog asking for bikes for ROLLERBURN it rekindled that idea to build a cafe racer, street trials, lowrider, custom, chop thing. So that's it, to the workshop. In many respects it was an easy build as there was so little to it in the first place.

Lowered forks and shocks. Hang the seat unit on the wall, even as a trials bike the unit had little use. Spent a long time messing about with the bars. These were initially a bit of gas pipe, completely flat and really uncomfortable. But after some searching, found an old set of low rise bars, in a box, inside another box. A squirt of grey primer to cover the purple anodising, fit them upsidedown, chop a bit off each end and they're looki'n good. Junk everything else not essential. Buy nothing, most parts are salvaged from the garage, workshop, bin. Even without a silencer it's not very loud. If you look hard its easy to spot the fact that it's still an abused trials bike with a twisted frame and dented tank. But it's proofed, for me that trials bikes can make great road bikes.

The name came up whilst working on the bike. It's sort of Spanglish, in that it is Spanish but not how it would be spoken in Spain. Obras (works) Motos (motorcycles) and with the Spanish grammar it becomes “motorcycle works”. Except that this would literally translate into “moto funciona” as in “my motorcycle works”. A motorcycle workshop would be “taller de motos”. On the one hand I rather think that if it needs explaining it's too complicated and I can't be bothered to go through this everytime I introduce the company. But I like it. Maybe it could be just OBRAS. Maybe I should stick to English. Or, maybe I could get a consultant.

OM #1 is rather like a prototype in that it's not meant to work and was quickly finished. Except I had a short ride around the car park at the end of the night and it works beautifully, quick clean pickup, crisp gear changes and smooth tick over. The finish is a different matter. I don't especially dislike the rat bike look but it wasn't what I wanted for this. So the second bike, OM #2 will be done proper. It will be for sale. Call if interested.


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